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Advantages of LED:

50,000 Hour Life

Lasts 33x Longer

Uses 1/10th of the Energy

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Indoor Lighting Solutions

Traditional lighting sources account for approximately 20% of an average business’ energy consumption.  With LED Lighting Solutions from SolarMax LED you can reduce that consumption to as little as 4% of your business’ energy consumption.

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LED Signage Solutions

Brand recognition is becomingly increasingly more difficult to obtain in our fast paced, media rich society. Take advantage of the traffic passing by your brick & mortar location by grabbing their attention with attractively elegant LED Signage.  SolarMax LED offers state of the art LED kits for channel letters.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Traditional light sources can have an expected life of as little as 1,000 hours.  With LED Lighting Solutions from SolarMax LED we offer a 7-year warranty from the installation date.  Our LED Lighting solutions have an expected life of up to 50,000 hours.

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Founded in the year 2000 and acquired by SolarMax Technology, Inc. in 2013, ActOne LED, now known as SolarMax LED, is a leading provider of LED lighting solutions for the residential, commercial and institutional markets in the U.S.

SolarMax LED has gained strong recognition for its efficient, customer service oriented and elegant lighting products that makes it convenient and cost-effective for homeowners, businesses and institutions to replace their existing high cost lighting with new, high quality and lower cost LED lighting.  SolarMax LED has installed its products for scores of customers in the U.S.

SolarMax LED is committed to helping customers lower their energy costs. Like SolarMax’s solar solutions, SolarMax LED lighting can be installed quickly by our highly customer service focused team and be able to save our customer’s money from day one.

SolarMax Financial

In addition to offering LED Lighting and Solar Solutions, we offer in house financing.  Take advantage of low APR’s and flexible terms.

SolarMax Financial Loan

  • $0 Money Down Option
  • Quick and Easy Approval

Direct Purchase

  • Pay in Full (Credit Cards Accepted)

Why SolarMax LED?


The graph above compares the overall cost of each type of light bulb over a 50,000 hour period.

Sources of a Typical Business’ Energy Consumption

Space Heating15.3%
Space Cooling14.1%
*See Note6.7%
Water Heating4.1%

2010 Commercial Energy End-Use Expenditures

Source: Department of Energy (DOE) 2010 Buildings Energy Data Book

*Expenditures related to an energy adjustment EIA uses to relieve discrepancies between data sources.

Financing Available

Take Advantage of Low APR’s and Flexible Terms

Peace of Mind

With the Best Warranty in the Business You Can Sleep Easy!

Customer Service

We Take Pride in Providing the Best Possible Experience for Our Customers

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